The word Ikebana means “live flowers”. It originates from a respect for all life forms and from the first offerings in Buddhist temples during the 6th Century A.D.

Choka Adachi, an Ikebana master, early in the 20th century, broke away from the then strict traditional approach to Ikebana and began his own school called Adachi. He looked at nature for guidance and created the essence of nature in his arrangements.

Mrs. Reicho Sumi was a student of the Adachi School and became a teacher before she moved to Canada. She has taught Japanese flower arranging in Vancouver for over 45 years. She felt that her school should reflect the natural materials available in British Columbia resulting in the formation of her own school called Kado Sumi.



Head Teacher Reicho Sumi Vancouver 604-298-6332
Seicho Barbara James W. Vancouver 604-913-3454
Kazucho Kaz Takahashi Vancouver 604-734-5400

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