Ikebana ~ An Introduction

Ikebana, the Japanese word for flower arrangement, is based upon certain principles of art which are recognized the world over. The love of line so characteristic of all Oriental art rather than the appreciation of form and colour is perhaps the most salient feature in differentiating Japanese flower arrangement from all others.

The arrangement is linear in composition, consisting of the most commonplace branch material. however, if this branch material is arranged in a beautiful flowing line, it is preferred to a group of blossoms, no matter how beautifully the latter may be in colour or form.

Equally as strong as the emphasis on linear perfection is the teaching of naturalism; an insistence on understanding of the natural growth of the material used and a love of nature in all phases.

The rules set by one of the schools do not necessarily apply to the teachings of other schools. Differences of opinion and conception are as many as are the numerous schools of flower arrangement in existence. Nevertheless, the basic principles of the art are carefully preserved, common among all the schools.

Come, join us, the Vancouver Ikebana Association, and explore the wonders of this ancient Oriental art.

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