Sogetsu Ryu

Established in 1926 by Sofu Teshigahara. The Sogetsu School has modern and traditional arrangements as well as Moribana, Nageireand Free Style. Various materials are used to create modern effect.

The Sogetsu School of Ikebana

The Sogetsu School of flower arrangement is one of the largest and most modern in technique and outlook. It was started in 1926 by Sofu Teshigahara.

In step with contemporary thinking and today’s lifestyle, the credo of the Sogetsu School is that ikebana can be practiced at any time, in any place by anybody and with whatever material is available. The creativity of the arranger can be brought into full play.

Flowers are the product of nature, but flower arranging introduces the human element. Sogetsu tries to always look at ikebana material with fresh eyes and understand the space in arranged flowers. To create this beauty, which does not exist in a natural state, is ikebana.

It is not easy to explain the beauty of flower arrangement. However, one of the outstanding features of the Sogetsu School is the beauty of line. The materials must be so arranged that the lines of the branches, stems, leaves and trunks will be beautiful from any angle.

As Sofu Teshigahara states: The various phases of the flowers and trees and their intimate beauty which is variable according to seasons, the abundant ideas of the worker, and the beauty of the vessels and environment – the Ikebana of the Sogetsu School must be a combination of these three elements.

The ikebana of the Sogetsu School is alive, always future oriented, it reflects the present.



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