Sangetsu, meaning mountain moon, is a school of flower arranging inspired by visionary and master artist, Mokichi Okada (1882-1955), who promoted a spiritual approach to life through beauty. He taught that nature is the greatest teacher of truth and beauty. His arrangements expressed his great love of nature in their simplicity and naturalness. His style of arranging, preserved in a series of colour photographs, formed the basis of the Sangetsu School and serves as the model for Korinka–the advanced level and essence of Sangetsu.This school was founded on the works of Okada, in 1972, to bring paradise on Earth through flowers. Okada did not propose specific techniques for arranging flowers, but gave guidance on how to make an arrangement that retains its life forces and is an expression of nature. He indicated that life-filled flowers have the ability to facilitate healing and to initiate a change in consciousness. This in turn, will help to bring about individual happiness and peace among all people.For classes, please see “Lessons” section for classes in Burnaby and Richmond.


Joan Fairs, Burnaby

Mayumi Ichino, Richmond

So Jung Choi, Burnaby and Richmond

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