Ikenobo is celebrating 550 years of recorded history from 1462, found in the diary of a monk at the Tofukuji Temple, in Kyoto, Japan.

Our 45th Headmaster, Sen’ei Ikenobo, was invited to the United Nations in March of this year, followed by a special celebration from March 10th to 13th in Boston (sister city of Kyoto) for our 550th anniversary and for the 45th anniversary of Headquarters in San Francisco with over 220 visiting Professors coming from Japan.

Our styles are Shoka, Free Style and Rikka.


Martha Banno Vancouver 604-322-5585
Cecily Chang Burnaby 604-525-6952
Sachiko Sumida Richmond 604-274-0289
Rose Scott Vernon 250-558-3661
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