Spring 2012

President’s Report

by Kaz Takahashi

Greetings everyone:

I happen to be your new president swept up on the tail of the great dragon year.  Rather breathless and somewhat out of kilter I still hope to be of service to all of you with the help of the other executives.

I have been a member of the Vancouver Ikebana Association for a number of decades and once had this position in the past.

As a student of Mrs. K . Sumi who formerly taught Adachi Ryu and now is now Kado-Sumi, I have been most appreciative of the gift of seeing nature through the handling and touching of live materials used in ikebana.

The passing of time leads me to contemplate the inner workings of the mind and soul as I ground myself in the meditative act of flower arranging… a very contented feeling!

I wish to thank the past president, Joan Fairs, who helped us go into the internet age and is a great organizer.


Kaz Takahashi


The Emperor’s Birthday

by Angie Lee

On December 2, 2011 the Vancouver Ikebana Association, represented by Sangetsu teacher Joan Fairs, Mayumi Ichino and Angie Lee, created a three-vessel arrangement using a variety of plants. Included in the arrangement were black bamboo, nandina, cedar, white disbud mums, tuberose and secondary plants. Attention to symbolic representation of the material included the mums, which represented the Emperor and Japan, bamboo, representing the strength yet flexibility of the people of Japan, and cedar, symbolizing the connection between the people of BC with the Japanese.

In his welcoming speech, Consul General Hideki Ito thanked the people of BC for their support and generosity for the Japanese people affected by the destruction and after effects of the tsunami.

The reception was held at the Coast Coal Harbour Hotel in Vancouver. About 400 guests from federal, provincial, municipal governments as well as from business, education and Japan-related organizations enjoyed the hospitality of Mr. Ito and the Japanese consulate staff. Guests enjoyed traditional Japanese songs and dance performances from the Tohoku region. Along with the fine arts presentations guests were treated to sake tasting and a wide variety of beautifully prepared Japanese food.

Appreciation is extended to Clive Fairs for his patient and helpful assistance with transporting materials for the arrangement.


Pendulum Gallery Reception

by Joan Fairs

 The invitation read:  “The outpouring of sympathy, concern, and generosity to Japan from the people of British Columbia in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake March 11, 2011, has been truly heart-warming.  We deeply appreciate all that has been done to support and assist Japan during a difficult time and through this reception, want to personally express our heartfelt gratitude.”  This was from Mr. Hideki Ito, the Consul General of Japan, in Vancouver.

Although I am now the past president, the invitation was addressed to me, so I accepted the invitation.  The VIA sent $3000.00 last year through the Japan Red Cross, all the money we took in from our Spring Show.  At the last business meeting, we thought that creating an ikebana for the reception would be a nice gesture, so Hollis Ho and Greta Kos of Sogetsu volunteered to create one.  They made a very Spring-like arrangement with flowering cherry, Japanese Umbrella Pine, Rhododendron and Camellia, all flowering in pink.  It was placed in a very auspicious position by the stage where the speeches and mini concert was held.

Waiters carrying trays loaded with Japanese delicacies circulated throughout the gallery.  What a treat!

This reception was held on March 12th, with the cooperation of the Canadian Red Cross.  Concurrently with the reception, there was a two-week exhibition at the Pendulum Gallery of photos depicting the disaster and recovery.


Children’s Ikebana Session

by Kaz Takahashi

On February 3, Kerrisdale’s Quilchena Elementary School Daycare Centre held an ikebana session led by Kaz Takahashi. In the morning, a group of about 20 young children 5-6 years old and a few older ones participated in the session. They were given empty tin cans filled with oasis with a few flowers and branch material and proved very anxious to get on with the hands on activity! In the end they were proud of their efforts and seemed content.  Some were surprised that they could take their arrangements home. The second group of 18 students participated in an afternoon session and consisted of mainly older children, around 11 or 12 years old.  They were quick in doing their arrangement and brought their own ideas and interpretations of ikebana.


VIA Christmas Party at Inga’s

by Joan Fairs

Inga Uhlmann graciously hosted the VIA Christmas Party this past December, in her gorgeously decorated Japanese styled home.  She had ikebana everywhere, as well as her many Japanese items and pieces of Japanese furniture.  “Her home is more Japanese than most of those in Japan.”  It was overheard by one of the guests as saying.

The gathering was attended by members of all five schools, who brought mostly Japanese dishes to the “pot luck”.   Everyone enjoyed the delicious food, and friendly atmosphere.  Thank-you, Inga, for inviting us into your home once again!



by Judie Glick

Winterruption on Granville Island became Flowerruption for Sogetsu members this year. The annual late February festival has featured ikebana in the past. This year Victoria Wickey had an arrangement in Blackberry Books. Karen Kirkpatrick did a hanging arrangement in the window of Circle Craft. Kuniko Yamamoto and Judie Glick added arrangements to the hand made brooms at Broom Company, also on the Granville Island.


Cherry Blossom Festival/Japan Fair

by Judie Glick

This year VIA will again offer mini classes at the Japan Fair at VanDusen Gardens. The dates are April 7 and 8, Easter weekend. The location for the classes will be the Glass House, inside the Garden. Classes will be at 1:30 and 3:30 each day. Each school will offer a class. Further plans are being made as we write. Look for the photos in the next newsletter.


Ikenobo’s 550th Anniversary

by Martha Banno

This is the 550th year since the founding of Ikenobo. In commemoration of this auspicious event, Ikenobo Ikebana will have a Celebration Ceremony at the Tokyo Forum. There will be an Ikenobo Ikebana 550th Special Exhibition by Ikenobo professors and students from all parts of Japan at Takashimaya Department Store in Nihonbashi. There will be also a special demonstration by the Headmaster.

A 2012 Study Tour will be held in Kyoto at Headquarters for four days for members. This is the 10th Study Tour to be held at Headquarters to further develop Ikebana knowledge and techniques under the guidance of specially selected Ikenobo professors. There are members from our Vancouver, Hamilton, and Toronto Chapters planning to participate in the Study Tour. Four of us from Vancouver Chapter flew to San Francisco Headquarters last month to participate in a Special Teachers’ Symposium with the Northern California Chapter.


BC Council of Garden Clubs Annual General Meeting

by Jean Minamimaye

On March 3, 2012, the BC Council of Garden Clubs held their Annual General Meeting. The minutes of the 2011 AGM were distributed and the treasurer presented the 2011 financial statements and both were accepted as presented.

Several committees then provided reports. Barbara Puchala presented a lengthy report covering past, present and future activities. Lorna Herchenson reported that BCCGC has 171 registered clubs, of which 50 clubs were represented at the meeting. Marilyn Holt requested that only one member from each club e-mail her to advise of any upcoming shows and plant sales. Margaret Nakahara reported there are presently 52 judges and there will be a directory of judges.

Ann Kent, HMT, Registered Horticultural Therapist, presented a slideshow entitled “Attributes of Gardens that Heal: illustrations from nature and institutional designs”. A new word was learned from her presentation, “Shinrin-yoku” (taking in the forest or forest bathing).

Ron Long presented a slideshow on “The Endangered Species of Pink Mountain” (Northern Yukon). The wildlife and plant life on the alpine tundra are being destroyed by humans.

Draws for donated items brought in $758.10.


Remembrances and Concerns

 Pitu Karim, past Director of Sogetsu, Vancouver branch, passed away in early August, 2011, after a long illness.  Sue Nakagawa, a long time Ohara instructor, passed away in October, 2011. Our heartfelt sympathy goes out to Pitu’s and Sue’s families.

Michael Lucas of Ikenobo has had ongoing health issues, and has been in hospital since Christmas time.  We wish him a speedy recovery.


Executive Members 2012-2013

President:                                  Kaz Takahashi (Kado-Sumi)     kaztak1937@gmail.com

Vice President:                          Judie Glick (Sogetsu)                 jadglick@telus.net

Second Vice President:             Maurits Rehm (Sangetsu)        mauritsrehm@hotmail.com

Treasurer:                                  Jack Duncan (Sangetsu)          jack.duncan@shaw.ca

Secretary:                                  Rose Scott (Ikenobo)               Rose_Scott@telus.net

Librarian:                                   Linda Achiam (Sogetsu)          lachiam@shaw.ca

Past President:                         Joan Fairs (Sangetsu)               joanfairs@shaw.ca


Treasurer’s Report

by Jack Duncan

The VIA would like to thank Christine King for her three years of service as Treasurer.  She did a wonderful job and we do appreciate the time she dedicated to our club.

I, Jack Duncan, have taken over this job as Christine decided to step down.  I was handed books that were up-to-date, accurate and balanced.  Christine has made this transition easy, although I do have a lot to learn.

One of my first jobs is to let the membership know that a motion was passed at the AGM on January 28 that a “late fee” will be applied to members who do not renew their membership by March 31.  Any member who has not renewed will have to pay $30.00 after April 1, instead of the $20.00 from January to March.  You can renew with your instructor who will pass things on to me or you can mail me your renewal cheque.  My address is 6965 Mario Court, Burnaby, B.C.  V5B 4S3.


Spring Show 2012

When:  April 28th, 29th

Where:  Oakridge Centre Auditorium (Cambie and 41st)

Admission: $6.00 at the door, $5.00 in advance.  Each participant should have 5 tickets to sell.

Please contact Judie for tickets and/or posters.

Demonstrations:         Saturday 1:00 Kado-Sumi

Saturday 3:00 Sangetsu

Sunday 1:00 Ikenobo

Sunday 3:00 Sogetsu

Entrance arrangement:           Ohara

Who is displaying?  Please let Kaz know how many from each school will be participating by April 10th.  Please note that each person must be a member of good standing.  Renewals of membership after  March 31st will incur a late fee of $30.00 (before the 31st, $20.00).  Please send a cheque to VIA c/o Jack Duncan 6965 Mario Court, Burnaby BC V5B 4S3.